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This group is aimed at people of all nationalities who have a good level of English, but would like to improve their use and understanding of business and financial English, including technical terminology, jargon, idiom and the language of the press.

The events will be free to attend (unless a small charge has to be levied for food or other costs) and will take place in social situations in central Berlin. The group will discuss topical subjects from the business world, and use these dicussions to enrich their vocabulary and eliminate false friends and other common mistakes. The events will be animated by Sean ROE, who has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and English language training, in England, France and Germany.

So if you're not sure how “oversight” can mean both “supervision” or the type of mistakes that supervision is supposed to prevent, how much “a hundred grand” is, who should be addressed “Ms” or when “AOB” is discussed in a meeting, then this group could be for you!

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