Worum es bei uns geht

We like learning languages and getting to know people from other countries and right now Meetup and Couchsurfing are our favorite means to do that. That's why we've started this group!

About Our Events: We’ve picked some cool cafes and bars around the city to host these events, so please join, grab a drink, chat and maybe make some new friends! If you have ideas for cultural events, event ideas or if you'd be interested in hosting an event with us, send us a personal message! This is not an Erasmus event - all ages are welcome:)

About Us: One day we thought it would be cool if language learners could find each other, so we started Chatterplot (http://www.chatterplot.com/), a platform that allows you to find language partners and language teachers using Google maps and GPS. Find us on the map (https://www.chatterplot.com/search) and let's meet up for a coffee!

We look forward to meeting you all in person!
-Marius, Chris and Shana

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