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Holistic approaches to IT security
While perfect security and privacy will never exist, radical advances are possible and direly needed. Most attempts in this direction have been centered on pursuing technical breakthroughs through AI, new cryptographic protocols (zero-proof, e2ee, homomorphic, quantum cryptography and blockchain). A few security-by-design and blockchain initiatives are taking a more holistic approach, centered on time-proven battle-tested and open technologies - on one side - and on *democratic* and *accountable* decentralization of the governance of lifecycle, supply chain, ecosystem or certifications - on the other. Initiatives based on both approaches will be presented and debated. AGENDA Leading startups and researchers will give 5 minutes solid and well-thought initiatives to radically-increase the security of communication. Each presentation will be followed by 5 minutes of no-holds-barred QA. [ALL GROUP MEMBERS CAN APPLY FOR PITCH SLOT!] -18.00 Registration and Coffee -18.15 Intro -18.20 Chris Wirth, Senior Blockchain Architect at IBM Berlin “Holistic and governance-based approach to blockchain security?" -18.30 Karen Reilly, Tungsten Labs “Tungsten Labs approach to End-e-end encryption and importance of user personas” -18.40 Rufo Guerreschi, TRUSTLESS.AI "Trustless socio-technical and governance paradigms for IT security" -18.50 Networking Break -19.10 [Speaker 4] & QA -19.20 [Speaker 5] & QA -19.30 [Speaker 6] & QA -19.40 [Speaker 7] & QA -19.50 Networking -20.15 End TOOLS We'll have a projector, microphone, speakers. EXPECTED GUESTS 30-75 CODE OF CONDUCT https://berlincodeofconduct.org/ BACKGROUNDER Since Snowden, IT security and privacy have gotten even worse. We learned that even the most secure IT systems, open source and proprietary, were way more vulnerable than we thought, and to many more actors. Vulnerabilities/backdoors go all the way down to critical software, CPU, fabrication and even standard setting. Dominant paradigms have failed utterly. For the last decade, mainstream industry has been dominated by the Trusted Computing model, while many new startups and non-profit initiatives have relied on paradigms of open source software, new cryptographic protocols, cyberlibertarianism, and/or flawed blockchain approaches. While perfect security and privacy will never exist, radical advances are possible and direly needed.

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    Each time we'll invite 1-3 speakers to talk about application security. After that: Cold beverages and conversations with security professionals and enthusiasts.

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