BerliNERDS #1 - Data Driven Customer Intelligence

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Hey BerliNERDS!


Here's a little sneak peak of what our 3 speakers will be sharing with you:

• Christian Sauer (, CEO of Webtrekk ('s talk "May the User Be with You" will focus on today's new era of personalized and user-centric customer experience when visiting websites.

• Thomas Unruh (, Head of Business Intelligence of Lesara ('s talk "CLV Prediction as a Key Driver for Marketing Efficiency" will dive deep into why we need to spend our budget as efficient as possible and the key to this is knowing your customers' "CLV".

• Sascha Nagel (, Head of Business Development of Data Virtuality ('s talk "How to Build a Data-Driven Culture?" will explain why a strong data-driven culture has never been more important and how it can be fostered within an organization.


As mentioned the event will take place at betahaus ( in K'Berg (Moritzplatz) on Friday, April 1st.

The fun starts at 18:30 and goes till 22:00 and remember spaces are limited so reserve your spot now if you haven't already!

Food? Drinks? We got you covered... actually...

... our great event sponsor Flaconi is taking care of that for you.

Have a great long weekend and remember to stay nerdy!