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Blockchain technology is one of the most groundbreaking developments of our time. The impact is comparable to the development of the internet.

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Goal of the Meetup:

At our first meeting, we want to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. In the coming meetings in two-week intervals, we want to organize

• discussion rounds

• talks and

• hands-on sessions (programming practice, setting up development environments, use of blockchain interfaces)

The focus of the Meetup is to harness the technology, not to trade/acquire cryptocurrencies.

We are happy about everyone who is interested in this topic. No previous knowledge of Blockchain & Co is required. We are happy to inform you about the topic and interested in all kinds of perspectives.

Bring your friends with you!

Blockchain & Decentalized Systems:

The possible applications of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies go far beyond digital currencies and payment systems:

• smart contracts

• internet of things

• data and prediction markets

• decentralized autonomous organizations

• regulation and decentralization of administration

• data privacy

• copyright


As a side project, our meeting will in future be self-governing as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) with the help of DAOstack.

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