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Blockchain, Tangle & Beyond

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Hidden beneath the Blockchain-hype is a new form of Distributed Ledger Technology. A Blockchain without the blocks or the chains. A network without scalability issues, transaction fees, or miners. and the IOTA Evangelist Network are launching their global meetup series titled ‘Blockchain, Tangle and Beyond’, focusing on some of the most cutting-edge themes, projects and technologies in the world of Distributed Ledger Technology.

This meetup will focus on the evolution of Blockchain, problems the young industry is facing and exciting solutions which already exist.

The Agenda:

-Introduction: and the IOTA Evangelist Network (10 min)

-The kink in the chain. Drawbacks of Blockchain Technology.
The new chain on the block. The Tangle - what it is, how it works and why it has the potential to shake up the cryptosphere. (20 min)

-A Sneak peaq ( Introducing a revolutionary new project - fusing core elements of the decentralization movement with cutting-edge technology, to solve issues with Blockchain and go beyond what is currently thought to be possible in the DLT world. (30 min)

-Q&A (20 min)

-Networking (Open-end)

We kindly ask that you only register if you’re certain you can make it as seats are limited. Thank you.


Kevin Chen - Evangelist at IOTA Foundation

Michael Geike - CEO at Advanced Blockchain AG, Advisor at Peaq

Special Guests:

Florian Reike - CVO at

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