IoT Security & Blockchain


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We present startups working on IoT and Blockchain, talk starts @7pm!

1) Dominik Schiener from IOTA ( will present their Tangle Technology and uses cases they work on.

2) Prof. Dr-Ing. Sebastian Gajek presents eciotify (, our startup developing Blockchain-embedded IoT technologies.


Dominik Schiener is Co-Founder of IOTA (, a revolutionary new distributed ledger for the Internet of Things that solves the issues of scalability and fees. With IOTA, he’s specifically focusing on the intersection of Blockchain and IoT and how it will give rise to the Machine Economy. He has won several innovation prizes from Deloitte, Wanxiang, GTEC and the Emirates NBD Group.

He has had several Blockchain startups in Switzerland, the UK and Germany. Apart from his work in IoT and Blockchain, he’s also working on new participatory innovations for smart cities. Especially voting and self-sovereign, digital identity are in his focus.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gajek is the Co-founder and CTO of eciotify (, and in his former life Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Flensburg for the Institute “Information and communication” since 2010.

He has a strong focus on the topics cryptography and information security, and published numerous papers in this area. Sebastian envisions eciotify as a playground for cutting-edge technology innovations in the blockchain technology. While developing secure technology, he is “making magic happen” – enabling real world applications.