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6th Blockchain Meetup Liechtenstein

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Dear all, we are proud to announce that we will definitely have

Jonas Schnelli

a real Bitcoin insider as a speaker at our next event. Jonas is member of the core developper team of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Bitcoin has hit 2000 USD while I am writing this on most exchanges. What does that mean for the Bitcoin-Blockchain and its scaleability eventually. Demand has maybe only taken off. I guess many of you will have lots of questions so I suggest that you hand in questions to me and I wil l get them over to him.

Dr. Johannes Schweifer

Secondly and not lesser interesting we will now have Dr. Johannes Schweifer as second speaker. He is involved with Bitcoin Swiss a Bitcoin trading and consulting firm in Switzerland. He will introduce us to the mechanics of an ICO (initial coin offering) and why his firm has intentionally declined the possibility of this financing tool. He is also member of Coreledger a Liechtenstein Blockchain "Startup" with substance.

We also have a short presentation of a Blockchain-project of our government institution, department for environment. They may come for a larger presentation another time again.

I am also keen to get Crypto- and Blockchainnews on to you. I wil l present them either on my own or with Philipp Büchel again. There are extraordinary things happening in the space so that wont be boring as well.

Last but not least we are planning workshops how to handle Bitcoins and Alt-Coins in practice since many people already have lost some money while others have made a fortune. This may already happen this time. In such a case we would start the work-shop an hour before the meetup if we get this organised on time. Topics would be how to create wallets, how to buy Bitcoins safe and cheaply, what to obey while buying Cryptocurrencies, risks and opportunities. People not interested in the topic would only turn up at 6 as usual.

I am so proud and thankful to have such high high quality speakers again.

I invite you all to hand in questions you may have. This time is really the possibility to get them answered as we have big experts on board.

By the way we are now 170 members, thank you very very much this means a lot for a small community like Liechtenstein!!!