1st PITCH-UP Liechtenstein giving blockchain projects a chance to pitch


Dear members, I am in update mania this format is developping fast and the resonance is overwhelming particularly from projects approaching us.

I apologise to all projects who wanted to present and I could not consider for this Pitchup, see you next time! We now have a very interesting line-up of 6 projects. We will have to work very efficiently and I will insist on a strict 10 Min. incl. questions time slot for each project so that we will have an hour and a quarter for the projects plus award-ceremony.

We only now have the complete line-up we missed one project so there will be even one more ICO presenting to you. The missing project is very exciting and called Worldopoly and creates a kind of Monopoly-game which can be played in the real streets all over the world and the "money" used is based on next generation Blockchain-technology - if I am correct Byteball - which uses a modern and efficient consensus mechanism which is not actually using Blocks but DAG (directed acylic graph).

The final line-up of projects therefore looks as follows and includes the respctive websites of the projects presenting on Thursday this should by all means be the order of presentations.

On top we decided to do an award. We have a couple of experts which basically consist of the board of the Cryptocountry-Association. We will also do a short audience vote which will be taken into consideration as well.

- Unitalent, a freelance-marketplace, www.unitalent.io
- Repay.me / REME-Coin, E-commerce platform, www.repay.me
- Worldopoly.io, Real world meets augmented reality.
- Weeve IOT Network, www.weeve.network
- Dor.ngo / Social impact project with dornex token lauch, www.dor.ngo
- collect-id / a platform for counterfeit-protection of assets on the blockchain, www.collectid.net

Each project has strictly only 8-10 Minutes with short Q&A-session. At the end we will do a short Q&A while we calculaate the votes from the experts as well.

The presentation will be held in German but questions can be asked in English so it will be bi-langual as we may have some English-only speaking people in the audience.

Our new Facebook-presence: https://www.facebook.com/blockchainmeetupli/ , yes we will be on live streem but do not forget you still cannot eat and drink from your screen despite blockchain-technology ;-)

Thanks and best wishes, Klaus