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14th Meetup, the future of Bitcoin could be bright with Giaccomo Zucco

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Dear all, I have the pleasure to announce our main speakers it will be Giaccomo Zucco and once more Philipp Büchel. Giaccomo is one of the most excellent speakers in the Bitcoin-space and we all know Philipp he has made a practical research into Lightning networks that well potentially lift Bitcoin into a new era. Here a profile and description of what they will be talking about:

Giacomo Zucco is a theoretical Physicist, at least theoretically. Practically he’s the founder of the BHBNetwork in Chiasso and Milan where he and his team work as (un)blockchain consultants and maintain a worldwide network of Bitcoin experts. In the Twitter "@BHBnetwork" sphere he’s well known for his intellectually sharp and humorous comments and deep technical insights into a lot of blockchain related topics. Mostly bitcoin, as he defines himself as a bitcoin maximalist - one that is convinced that most of todays problems altcoins solve can be addressed with bitcoin. His talks are often as advanced as they are easy understandable. In his speech at our Meetup he will talk about building non-bitcoin assets on top of the bitcoin protocol.

Philipp Büchel will give an introduction to the Lightning Network. A second layer solution on top of the bitcoin protocol that acts as a lightning fast payment network. It addresses inconveniences of the first layer like speed, bandwidth and fees. This will provide not only an insight into second layer solutions on top of bitcoin but also help to develop fundamental knowledge for Giacomo Zucco’s talk.

We also welcome a new sponsor which is Gassner Personal, Triesen

This will give food for thought and pure knowledge we had been waiting for.

Best wishes Klaus