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Crypto Governance - It is a matter of survival.

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Harrison C. and Sahand B.
Crypto Governance - It is a matter of survival.


The realm of governance is where we argue who should have power, who gets to make changes to the system, and how decisions are ultimately made. Its how modern society has been built.

Given the magnitude of the impact governance has, it is easy to see how this has become a highly sought after topic in the crypto world in 2019.

Crypto governance has been overlooked by many and under appreciated by everyone. Its importance is only being highlighted as the distributed technologies movement matures and cryptocurrencies fall off the map one by one.

A key reason for their ultimate demise is the absence of a solid governance system that addresses stakeholder engagement, product and protocol development, and key business functions such as treasury.

To explore this topic further, we are delighted to bring together a fantastic and diverse panel who will share their insights on what governance means to the crypto world and how we should interpret it as the industry matures.


  • John Bassilios (Hall & Wilcox)
  • Tom Nash (Flex Dapps)
  • Ellie Rennie (RMIT)
  • Henrik Andersson (CIO, Apollo Capital)

The decred team will also be demonstrating our latest tool called Politeia, an industry leading governance platform that enables stakeholders to vote in the direction they want the project to head in.

There will be a lot of great content to take away from this event, and we hope everyone comes out with a better understanding of the importance of governance.

Please share this event with your network! We look forward to hosting you on the 30th of April :)

710 Collins Street · Docklands