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Blockchain technology provides exciting new opportunities to create integer food systems. Let's explore this new space together. Welcome to the network of Food Integrity Blockchained!

We learn how blockchain can - and cannot - accelerate food integrity by

• Bringing people together from food companies, farmers, developers, regulators etc
• Learning from new use cases in food
• Running our own blockchain experiments with our adopted case: AgUnity

//Meet offline
We meet in Amsterdam every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 18:30 and post a youtube summary of the event on www.thefork.online (http://www.thefork.online/) The filming is sponsored by Wageningen UR www.wur.nl During the event, we have fair and fantastic food sponsored by Fairfood www.fairfood.nl (http://www.fairfood.nl/)

What is new, is that we offer blockchain basics prior to the meetup. We don’t want ‘blockchain tourists’, people not really interested in the meaning of this technology for food, but we welcome blockchain newbees. In one hour, we help you to understand some basics. https://goo.gl/m6YH1S ;

//Meet online

The day after, every 2nd Wednesday, we have a live webinar with the keynote speaker to get you involved from where ever you are, and offer some action learning.

Looking forward to meeting you at our next meetup or webinar!

Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt

The Fork

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Food Integrity Blockchained Meetup

Jan van Galenstraat 4

Bas Roos will present Bitez Network. How does blockchained food delivery work? Get your tickets (and student tickets) here: https://www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/26 This event is a pre-event for the Strike Two Summit. For more information visit the website: https://striketwosummit.com/ //Agenda 19:00 Forked News 19:20 Meet our own 2019 Case 19:50 Case 26 | Bitez Network | Bas Roos 20:20 Panel 20:45 Pitches & drinks Get new content and subscribe and join for the live stream if you can't be present in Amsterdam: https://www.youtube.com/theforktv Getting there The Meetup will take place at the Food Yard, courtesy of BidFood in the Food Center Amsterdam at Jan van Galenstraat 4 in Amsterdam. Multiple trams, like tram 5, stop close to this location and parking is also possible. Use Food Yard/BidFood for navigation.

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Food Integrity Blockchained Meetup

Jan van Galenstraat 4

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