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This group is for everyone who likes to do sport outside with just our own bodyweight. It should also be seen as a possibility to share insights about sport, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The plan is to have quick and intense workouts which last between 45 and 60 minutes. Together we will improve our strength, condition, balance, coordination and speed.

As this group should enable people to live an active lifestyle the workout is for free.
Please feel free to join, for people in all levels.

Participation is at your own risk. We don't have an insurance and a condition of participation is that you don't hold liable the organiser or anyone else for your safety.

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Cardio & Strength Workout (@Signavio Office)

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Please arrive at least 5 minutes before we will start. Goal: improve strength, condition, balance and coordination What: warmup, intense interval training, cool down How long: 50-60 min What to bring: a towel, a mattress and water €: Donations of 1-2€ to cover my costs are welcome but not mandatory The location is Kurfürstenstraße 110. It is on the groundfloor. The door will probably be closed, so please wait in front of it until I will pick you up. I will check the door in intervals of 5 minutes. Please let me know and decline the invitation once you have subscribed and spontaneously decide not to come anymore! By accepting this invitation and participating in the Bodyweight Workout in Berlin at the Signavio office you accept that to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law the organizer or Signavio will not be liable for any damages or injuries arising out of your participation

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Cardio & Strength Workout (@Signavio Office)

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