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ATTN: Read this description entirely. Only apply for membership if you think this group is a good fit for you. Before requesting membership, please post an identifiable picture of yourself into your meetup profile so that members could recognize you at our events. Only profiles with photos will be approved. If you were born in the former USSR, or have any cultural or emotional ties with the USSR or its parts, this group is for you! This is going to become a society of active, young (20's- 30's), physically fit and adventurous people with healthy social and professional lives. The goal is to go out, make new friends, have fun, and contribute to the social value of the group. The group is intended to meet OFFLINE regularly. The activities will include hiking/skiing trips, opera nights, clubbing, wine tastings, wall climbing & bowling nights, movies, comedy clubs, happy hours at classy bars, bicycle rides, picnic, BBQ & shashlyk, museum outings, and much, much more. If you are 20-40 y/o and fluent in Russian, join now, have fun and suggest new meetups any time! If you are outside this range or simply want to learn the language, please search meetup.com for a more appropriate group.

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