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cross-culture individuals (CCI)
Some people had the opportunity to grow up in more than one culture and were referred to as 'Third Culture Kids' (TCK) because scientists believed that one could only combine 2 cultures to a personal mix that they called 'third' and because they believed that only children could develop this kind of socialization. Today, it is well understood that we can combine far more than 2 cultures into a personal mosaic of cultures and that adults can achieve this development as well. Important is the necessary training. Going from a pile of 'confetti' (multi-cultural) to a structured mosaic (cross-cultural) does not just happen by itself. CCI are fully prepared to engage in Globalization. It is time to prepare. Come and find out if this is for you.

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Globalization requires knowledge, experience and training in living daily life in a variety of cultures. We meet people from other countries as tourists, immigrants, refugees, expatriates, in business, socially, on television, on the internet, etc. - abroad and at home. Our personal comfort zone depends on our ability and experience to engage with others in any and all situations. Join us to develop the necessary skills. We offer an adventure into the daily life of others, so that you can experience, test and expand your personal skills.

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