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Level 6 Toowong Tower, 9 Sherwood Road, Toowong · Brisbane

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Come straight up, or gather at the Gallery Level Lift area for pickup if the lifts lock out - call 0415201961 for Chris Dewar if you're stuck.

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Hi JS faithful!

Kevin here again, hoping you'll join us for the fast approaching meetup - Four speakers and lots to cover! RSVP and set your reminders!!

We've moved this to the 2nd Monday of Oct as the 5th is a public holiday.

We have special discounts for BrisJS to announce...as well as:

PouchDB (Geoffrey Donaldson (https://github.com/geoffreyd))
Enabling apps to store data locally while offline and then sync it with CouchDB and compatible servers when back online is amazing, and we should all be doing this! This is one solution, and Geoffrey can tell us how.

How to do Angular JS 2.0 - CANCELLED. Replaced by...

JAWS (Joshua Wulf (https://github.com/jwulf))

JAWS is a Monstrously Scalable Serverless Framework for rapidly and cheaply developing web applications using Amazon Web Services Lambda and API Gateway. It took AWS:Reinvent by storm last week, and one of the JAWS team members, Joshua Wulf, will be giving an overview of how JAWS works and what it makes possible. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

NativeScript (John Bristowe (https://github.com/jbristowe))
John has kindly offered to provide a lap around NativeScript. The who, what, where, when, and why of this technology. No slides, just a hands-on, demo-heavy tour of the latest bits.

JS micro framework for responsive web design (Mike Robinson (https://github.com/BlackMagic))
Quite a mouthful to say, but he tells us it's less than 800 characters long! Mike wanted to show us his work writing a small set of functions which are helpful to simply set up page resizing for responsive sites.

...Plus the usual intermission networking opportunity with drinks and pizza.

As usual this is only possible with the support of our sponsors:

We have Auto & General (http://autogeneral.com.au/) supplying the great Meeting Room space (along with AV facilities!) and IIX (http://www.iix.net/) and Console (http://console.to/) sponsoring kookaburra cafe pizzas (and hiring FE devs!).

Please check out ALL our kind sponsors and understand how great they have been to help our local JavaScript community.

Please get in touch for presenting interesting or insightful discoveries in the rapidly developing frontend or backend javascript world.

Also check our github issues page for upcoming topics or make requests. https://github.com/BrisJS/meetups/issues

You're also welcome to get in touch with me at [masked] for any information.