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For already around 10 years CGmeet is one of Vienna's finest adresses for meeting and exchanging with colleagues from the computer graphics industry, talking about projects and building professional relations in the field. From students to experienced 3D artists, from game developers to VFX veterans, everyone with a passion for computer graphics is welcome here!

Our irregularly oranized CGmeet events are also closely tied with PIXEL Vienna - Vienna's biggest computer graphics conference with a rich and over a decade long history, hosting some of the world's biggest names in computer graphics and connecting the local community since its inception. (And last but not least, PIXEL Vienna is scheduled to return next year, in the fall of 2020!)

https://www.facebook.com/PIXELvienna (https://www.facebook.com/PIXELvienna/)

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PIXELvienna Week

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PIXELvienna 13

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CGmeet August: PIXELvienna + AXIOM Beta

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Our partner Meetup Group Vienna Libre Media: Blender x Unity Community Meeting

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