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For people who think that creativity needs a space to emerge, who seek to create long-lasting success and who believe that success requires the inspiration of others.

This is a professional development and discussion group around creating spaces for COKREATION, collaboration and sharing resources to inspire others.

Join the COKREA movement & get inspired to action.

At COKREA you can leave the conventional behind.

Here it’s all about getting aware, like a mini inspirational, mindful holiday.

So far, so great...

See Our latest Newsletter here (http://mailchi.mp/19cfee639860/cokrea-news-oct2017-1383037?e=a1d967657f) since we sometimes do not publish all events on Meetup.


We speak English, German and Spanish, prefer to communicate in English as a global language.

Events are initially offered in English unless otherwise stated/ another language is spontaneously preferred by all participants, but no worries, people are very international and many languages are spoken at once :)

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MCBW - GRACE Cultivating Compassion in the work place

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