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Culture Hacking with Liberating Structures

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Improve how people interact and work together!

Are you a trainer, coach, facilitator, manager, team member, on a board, or working with two or more people?

Are you more creative, more productive, and more successful if you feel properly involved and integrated in work and decision processes?

Do you think that teams produce significantly better results when people can work together well?

Are you constantly annoyed with long, grueling meetings that end without a concrete result?

Want to get the most out of your creativity and willing to support other colleagues and employees to do the same?

Kick-off Event of a COP (Community of Practice) for Amazing People Who Want to Learn and Share presents:

Culture Hacking with Liberating Structures!

Have you found ‘brainstorming’ too chaotic and often leaving out the more quiet in your group?

Maybe you’ve discovered ‘Agendas’ too strict and often don’t allow for input from everyone in a meeting…

What if you could use simple micro-communication tools that engage everyone, making it easy, and fun to create a dynamic conversation and unleash the collective intelligence of the whole group?

Liberating Structures are a set of free 33 open source tools that can help you not only bring your meetings to another engagement level, but maybe even help shift the culture of your whole organization to one that it more inviting, safe and getting the best from everyone.

The best part: you don’t have to be a master-facilitator, trainer guru to use these! You just have to start!

Come join us for an evening where we will experience and play with some of the Liberating Structures (LS) toward creating a new Community of Practice in Munich. A community of learners who want to learn and practice together all the tools we have in our own tool kits and are ready to share!

Our guest facilitator: Sylvia Taylor an LS Super-User and Co-Founder of Liberating Structures LAB Berlin, a 400+ member Meet-up group in Berlin. She has been using these tools since 2012 and now brought them to Germany to support building engaged and learning organizational cultures.

COKREA will be our hosts for the evening. (It’s the perfect space to work with this interactive tool.) We’ll have snacks and drinks (at reasonable prices) available as well.

Doors open at 18:30, we´ll start at 19:00

Organizers: Susanne Taylor, Sylvia Taylor, Mercedes Hoss

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