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Wir wollen uns gemeinsam zum Thema C++ in regelmäßigen Vorträgen und Diskussionen austauschen.

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Revive Bremen C++ User Group

UNTERWEGS - DAV Kletterzentrum Bremen

Hi everyone,

after our user group has fallen asleep a bit due to corona I would like to revive it. For this I would like to invite you all on 18. April in the seminar room of the climbing center Bremen. For the meeting I have planned the following agenda:

  • Getting to know each other and discussion about our newly revived User Group.
  • Lecture (30min) about "How to spot useful Abstractions" (by myself)
  • Discussion afterwards

The meeting is open to everyone. So whether you're just starting out with C++, or have been developing professionally since 1998, stop by.

Special thanks to my employer Bruker for sponsoring the room.
So hopefully see you soon

Location: https://www.kletterzentrum-bremen.com/angebote/seminarraum/

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