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C++ enthusiasts from Osnabrück and the surrounding area meet up every 4th Thursday in a month.

For every meet up we will state the target audicene. The categories are:

• Social: no scheduled talks today

• Basic: no prior knowledge of C++ required

• Beginner: a litte knowledge and a basic understanding of C++ is required

• Advanced: already worked on projects in C++, a good understanding of the language and indeoms

• Expert: deep understanding of C++

Everyone who is interesed can always attend the meet up. The categories are just stated to give an idea of the complexity of the talk. We want to be open and friendly to everyone.

You can find the presentations and other materials on our GitHub (https://github.com/OsnaCpp/meetup).

All events of the User Group Osnabrück are under the Berlin Code of Conduct (http://berlincodeofconduct.org).

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What, we can run C++ in our browsers? o.O

CLAAS E-Systems GmbH

WebAssembly is an open standard for bytecode which is intended to run inside a browser. It is intended as in addition to and not as a replacement for JavaScript with the purpose of enabling high performance applications on the web. Any programming language which is supported by LLVM (e.g. C++ and Rust) can be compiled to WebAssembly. This talk assumes no prior knowledge of WebAssembly or Rust and only basic knowledge of C++. It is an introduction to WebAssembly and how to get started with WebAssembly using C++ and Rust.

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Welcome to the C++ Community

ROSEN Technology and Research Center GmbH

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