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Let's bring the CTOs, VPs of Engineering, IT-Managers, etc .(or the upcoming ones) to one table to discuss all matters that are related to the role of a leader of software development. I'm sure that many of us face the same problems, but there is rarely someone with same or higher experience to discuss those issues with.

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Value Stream Mapping in practice


As discussed in our first audio only meetup, we invited Phil Calcado from New York to discuss Value Stream Mapping, the best tool to reduce your cycle time, which I (Alex) consider the most important metric in software delivery.

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Simon and Alex

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a powerful management tool popularized by the Toyota/Lean community. The basic idea behind it is that you should map your workflow and the various activities and queues across it to identify and mitigate bottlenecks.

Over the last decades, software leaders have adapted it to various aspects of software delivery, from mapping the workflow from idea to production to more technical areas such as Continuous Delivery build pipelines.

In this session, I want to share some ways in which I have used VSM to drive change in organizations. I will be discussing examples from my work at ThoughtWorks, SoundCloud, DigitalOcean, and WeWork and focus on the practical challenges and benefits of adopting this practice in fast-paced organizations that have their lead time as their primary (sometimes only!) competitive advantage.

Phil Calçado is Senior Director of Engineering at SeatGeek, where he leads the team that builds the live events platform used by 44 million people worldwide. Before SeatGeek, he has led the platform team at Meetup/WeWork, worked on Linkerd—the pioneering Service Mesh, and headed product engineering for DigitalOcean and SoundCloud, both pioneers in the adoption of Microservices architectures.

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