The Secret Lives of Cryptocurrencies: Time Travel, Regulation, Whales & Refugees

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Join us at the Incubation program Meetup Series in CV Labs on May 16th at 3:00pm.

TOPIC: The Secret Lives of Cryptocurrencies: Time Travel, Regulation, Whales, & Refugees
SPEAKER: Alsindi Wassim, Managing Editor of journal and conference series

Cryptocurrency networks are complex creatures and as a new technology paradigm, we are still at the beginning of our journey to understand them. This session will bring together several related strands of recent research with the aim of venturing deeper into the inner workings of decentralised networks. We'll talk about forks, shadow power structures, the properties of cryptographic assets which bring lawmakers to the yard and how Bitcoin might just save the world.

About Wassim

Wassim Alsindi | managing editor of journal and conference series
Wassim is working on a new journal and conference series for cryptocurrency & blockchain technology research in collaboration between the Digital Currency Initiative and the MIT Press. Our goal is to bring together the technical fields of cryptography, protocol engineering and distributed systems research with epistemic, phenomenological and ontological insights from the domains of economics, law, complex systems and philosophy to crystallise a mature scholarly ecosystem.

Prior to joining the DCI, Wassim conducted and managed academic research in the physical sciences, curated avant-garde arts events, and published open-source experimental electronic music. More recently he was a researcher at independent British laboratory Parallel Industries, using the lenses of astronomy, taxonomy and spectroscopy to formulate novel approaches to the characterisation of cryptographic assets and networks.

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