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CASHFLOW bietet dir die Möglichkeit, finanzielle Bildung auf spielerische Weise zu lernen. Du kannst dort dein Wissen über Geld und Investitionen mit Spaß vergrößern und viele gleichgesinnte Menschen kennenlernen. CASHFLOW ist keine Verkaufsveranstaltung.


The Dortmund cashflow club exists

to increase your financial IQ

for a fun night out

and to help you implement the games strategies in real life!

Whatever your reason for playing cashflow we look forward to meeting you!

You wouldn't be a part of this club if you didn't know that cashflow was good for you. But did you know that playing cashflow on a regular basis will make you feel wealthier. Psychological research suggests that your mind can't tell the difference between thoughts and reality. When you play cashflow you get richer and richer throughout the game and your mind gains self belief because it thinks you are really making more money, and that self belief turns into better results in real life as you see more and more opportunities.

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