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Native Clojure with GraalVM

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Platz 21 @ OTTO GmbH & Co KG

Werner-Otto-Straße 21 · Hamburg

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Come upstairs into Room 4

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Moin, fellow Clojurians! Today Jan Stępień will test-run his ClojuTRE 2018 talk for us:

GraalVM challenges the status quo on the JVM. This newly-released
just-in-time compiler brings substantial speed improvements and support
for polyglot applications. It also allows us to translate our JVM
bytecode into small self-contained native binaries. In this session
we’ll explore Graal’s impact on Clojure.

We’ll use GraalVM to build native binaries with simple command-line
tools. We’ll discuss the method’s limitations and their impact. Finally,
we’ll build complete Clojure web applications weighing a fraction of
their traditional JVM incarnations.

Jan is a senior consultant at INNOQ, where he works a whole lot with
people and a little bit with computers. He's based in Berlin but you can
run into him in other parts of Europe too. He enjoys community events,
where he often discusses functional programming, architecture, and
testing. Jan used to organise the Munich Clojure Meetup; swing by if
you're in town, we're a really friendly bunch.