Be the product owner of your life!

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Hey Ladies!

Would you like to learn how to apply the agile concepts of Product Ownership to your personal life?

Being a product owner can teach you skills that you can apply not only in the tech world but also through your life journey, by learning how to prioritize what’s truly important for you and being able to shape yourself to the vision you have for your own life.

We are happy to have our PO-Ladies Karen and Alejandra in the house who will share their passion with you!

First, we’re going to explore together what a Product Owner does in the working place and what skills you need to master to become a great Product Owner.
We will also share with you some real-life examples of how transitioning into this role can look like, both coming from a technical background or not. To finally, experience hands-on exercises where you’ll apply all these insights into your personal life!

Let’s create the backlog of your own life and start defining step-by-step that life vision you have for your future self.

Don’t forget to RSVP to our Meetup event for free and feel free to bring any other Lady that would love to be part of this experience.
Food & drinks will be served.

We’re excited to having you here!

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