Node.js Bootcamp


Dear Code Pub Ladies,

the new year is right around the corner and so are new talks and workshops from Code Pub.

We kick start the year with a Node.js Bootcamp. This evening will be all about node’s concepts and most important hard facts. In addition, we will have a hands-on session in which you get to know how to set up a kick-ass node development environment.

++++++++++++++++ UPDATE ++++++++++++++++
Basic programming knowledge is a prerequisite, knowing JavaScript is an advantage.

If you can please bring a computer. The computer should have git, node, Postman and any editor of your choice installed. Following you can find the links and guides for installing the tools.

* Node.js:
* Git:
* Postman:
* Editor: We recommend VS Code -

Be excited about a techy evening. :)

We are looking forward to an evening full of fun, learning, and mingling:
18:00 - 18:30 Snacks & Mingle Time
18:30 - 18:35 Introduction
18:35 - 19:45 Node.js Bootcamp
19:45 - Open End Mingle Time

As always please RSVP to our Meetup event (of course everything is for free) and share it to let know your female friends about the event as well!
Looking forward to seeing you for some fun, snacks and learning new stuff!

*Disclaimer: Please be advised that we may take group photographs during the Code Pub events. By participating in the events, you hereby give consent that photos containing your image may be used for publicity or general information purposes including publication on Instagram or on the Meetup website, which may be seen by the general public.