Worum es bei uns geht

Do you find it difficult to have a great cup of coffee in Zurich? Isn't it shame that such a wonderful city has so little to offer when it comes to high quality coffee (let alone speciality coffee!) compared to London, Berlin, New York or Tokyo. Yet, there are people who deeply care about coffee and this group aims to bring them (yes, that's you!) together.

Join this group if you have an inquisitive mind, have at least one coffee per day and want to:

Share your passion for coffee with like-minded people
Taste different varieties of coffee from all around the world (and learn what the differences are)
Participate in workshops teaching you how to make perfect coffee at home - Watch and share interesting presentations / movies / documentaries about coffee
Learn from coffee experts about different aspects of coffee production
Meet coffee owners / baristas / roaster and get insights about their daily work Are you interested in any of these?

This group will be a platform allowing us to talk, discuss and learn about coffee. Join us! You'll never look at coffee the same way again.

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Weekend Cupping Session at MAME


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