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Our fifth event will be all about AI and startups. Recent advances in AI and machine learning have resulted in a new generation of tech startups. We will not only have two startups presenting their technologies and challenges when implementing AI and machine learning in products and services, but we will also listen to an investor's perspective. Tentative agenda: 18:30 - Doors open & welcome 19:00 - Fireside chat with Alexander Lüttge (Investment Professional at coparion, https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexanderpl/) 19:30 - Break with drinks 🍻 and pizza 🍕 brought to you by coparion and Gaffel 20:00 - Lukas Gilz (Founder at DaMedic, https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukas-gilz-968a0b13a/): How DaMedic utilizes Transfer and Representation Learning to optimize hospital billing DaMedic is a 2018 founded StartUp from Cologne, developing data-driven products for hospital process optimization. The first objective of DaMedic is to help hospitals in their billing procedures. In this talk, we'll make a quick dive into hospital data pools and sketch how DaMedic is using them. In particular, we'll address the challenge of applying machine learning to non-standardized processes. In this context, we'll introduce the concept of transfer learning and show how it helped DaMedic while developing their first product. 20:30 - Claudio Huyskens (Founder & CEO at fedger, https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudiohuyskens/): Building an AI Business, Technology sure is the easier part of it Dr. Claudio Huyskens is founder and CEO of fedger, a Cologne-based AI / ML startup providing smart information extraction and interpretation mainly to businesses in the hospitality services field. He combines a business / technology education background, 15-years of coding and software development and five years of applied data science in scientifc research, algorithmic finance and computational linguistics. Claudio's deep entrepreneurial spirit is driven by curiosity, the love for building things and his appreciation for self-responsiveness. 21:00 - Closing & Networking

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