The State of AI — Successes & Limitations


CAIML #8 will happen on July 16, 2019, at ThoughtWorks ( This time, we will talk about the current state of AI and we will also learn where machine learning currently has limitations.

Agenda (tentative):

18:30 - Doors open

19:00 - Welcome & Intro

19:15 - Christian Bauckhage (Professor of Computer Science at University of Bonn / Fraunhofer IAIS, Machine Learning and Common Sense

Despite its undeniable success in the past couple of years, there still are situations where Machine Learning will not work well. Especially if training data is limited, not representative, or severely biased, current approaches cannot learn to generalize well. That is, trained systems may run the risk of making silly mistakes during application. This raises several questions: How can "common sense" be integrated into the machine learning pipeline? Are there algorithms or design principles that allow for informed learning and introspection? Are there algorithms or design principles that lead to white box solutions whose computations are transparent and whose decisions are accountable? In short, are there approaches towards more explainable ML systems that could be deployed in situations where there is few data to learn from and traceable decisions are a necessity? These are the questions this presentation focuses on.

19:45 - Break with drinks and food

20:15 - Christoph Windheuser (Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at ThoughtWorks, AI in the Industry: How to put it to work?

AI is more than hype - it is here to stay. We are using AI-powered applications every day and companies are experimenting with this technology to find out how additional value can be created with AI. And although the possibilities are endless, they often figure out that the journey from running first promising proofs-of-concept to implementing AI-driven core applications is a difficult one. Becoming a data-driven or AI-driven company is more than building AI driven applications: It requires fundamental changes in how data and knowledge are managed, employees are working together, products are developed and the IT is organized. In this MeetUp Christoph Windheuser, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at ThoughtWorks will talk about the current state of AI in the industry illustrated with several project examples.

20:45 - Let's Discuss AI & ML

21:00 - Closing & Networking