Cloud Native Storage & Breaking down data silos with ML & AI

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Get together (18:30 - 19:00)

1. Breaking down data silos: federated and privacy preserving analytics & AI, by Dr. Michale Höh, CTO apheris AI

The success of machine learning and deep learning techniques is directly proportional to the amount and diversity of data available for training the algorithms – yet data is often distributed across different datasets and data can’t be centralized due to regulatory restrictions or fear of losing IP. New techniques out of the field of privacy preserving computations can solve these problems and help to break down data silos and closed data ecosystem. In this session we will show which collaboration opportunities arise when data privacy and the IP of data can be mathematically and cryptographically secured.

2. Learn about StorageOS (session is confirmed, speaker will be announced soon)

3. A deep dive into Cloud-Native Storage by Shantanu Deshpande, SRE @ Clouds Sky

Cloud-Native Storage Orchestrators for Kubernetes like Rook, OpenEBS, StorageOS and Portworx are on the rise, Shantanu will show us how to use them on your K8s Clusters and on Rancher Kubernetes Engine.

4. Networking, Meet & Eat.

About our Speakers:

Dr. Michael Höh
Michael’s background is in Physics, Engineering and Computer Science, completed with a PhD. He is an expert in big data analytics and machine learning, and he built and shipped digital solutions with BCG & BCG DV.

Shantanu Deshpande
Shantanu is a Chaos Engineering lover and expert, a Cloud Native Researcher and Certified Kubernetes Administrator helping organisations to run Kubernetes in critical environments. He is the author of several blog posts and works currently on Rancher implementations and the TK8 development.