• Voice Meetup Cologne #2 2019 @ Publicis Sapient

    Publicis Sapient

    Willkommen zum 2. Meetup des VOICE MEETUP COLOGNE. Thema: "New Kids on the block" mit Samsung Bixby und Snips.ai Wir treffen uns um 18:30 Uhr in der Digitalberatung Publicis Sapient – unser freundlicher Gastgeber und Sponsor des Essens und der Getränke! ## Talk 1 ## Building a Voice Assistant the Samsung way. Welcome to Bixby Voice! Miren Urteaga, Product Manager - Digital Services @ Samsung She started her Computer Linguistics studies when Natural Language Processing technologies were starting to be developed. Ever since, she focused her whole career to the field of Human-Computer Interaction both in academia and research centers. She has developed ASR systems for national TV broadcasters and European projects, machine translation systems for the European Commission and DARPA, as well as TTS voices for market-leading companies. As part of her PhD in Neurolinguistics she focused on Brain-Computer Interaction for future interfaces, including stays at robotics centers such as the IIT. She is currently Product Manager at Samsung, applying language technologies to their new voice assistant Bixby. ## Talk 2 ## Private-by-design voice assistants Eric Bezzam, Maching Learning Team at Snips Voice assistants have become ubiquitous, essentially placing a cloud-connected microphone in our work, in our homes, and in our pockets! In this talk, we'll go over Snips' approach towards building private-by-design voice assistants. In other words, voice assistants that run completely on-device and without an internet connection, respecting the privacy and autonomy of its users.