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Drawing Strength from My Past
One’s personal past is a huge mass of experiences of every nature and color, experiences that we went through and were transformed by. It consists of the pains and hurts that we suffered and dealt with, what we loved, what we felt, how we expressed our abilities and talents and everything that we were. Our mind can not remember all of these experiences, but our body does. By consciously remembering different aspects and events in our past and letting our bodies join and experience those memories, our sense of identity expands and more of our possibilities can become accessible to us. Owning my past and achieving an empowering approach to it allows me to go towards my future, equipped with all my personal talents and wisdom I gained throughout my life. In this lecture for women, we will talk about incorporating empowering approaches to our past that will benefit our present and future. It will include some demonstration and exercises. (This meetup is free of charge)

Centre for Personal Development

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    This group is all about tapping into our feminine strength. You will find here different activities that aim to explore what are our natural talents and strengths as women and discover your individual power and confidence.

    The activities will be based on body & mind techniques. It is a practice that aims to create life changes by reconnecting with our physicality and through that our inner knowledge, insights and varied abilities. Self- acceptance and self-confidence are a main facet of this process.

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