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Seeing art is more fun when you have people to see it with! A group for art enthusiasts that want to see more of the wealth of gallery and museum exhibitions that Amsterdam has to offer. We meet up to visit one or more art shows and then optionally go to the café to discuss what we've seen and experienced.

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Gender monologen New Dakota

Nieuw Dakota

25,00 €

14.00 Visit Gender Monologen New Dakota Gender Monologues is an interactive media installation about our historical and cultural understanding of gender beyond stereotypes. Diana Blok challenges static, mental and cultural conventions by giving back the imagination to the limitations on gender and sexual identity. We experience twelve life-size video portraits on six screens of actors and actresses, performing their dream character of the opposite sex. Diana Blok intends to explore how individuals with a history of creating theatrical illusions, relate to their own intimate role-playing fantasies, crossing gender boundaries and finding ways to display them for the public viewing. The viewer will explore a well-known face, recognizable under the assumed fictitious identity and explore an unknown face in a known role. walk to the Atelier. Haarlemmer Houttuinen 175 (10 min from C.S.) Start workshop 15.30 till 17.30 Here we will use what have seen as an inspiration for own art work. We will transform our thoughts and ideas into our work by drawing or painting.

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