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Corporate Entrepreneurs work within established organisations to launch new ideas, products, services or even businesses and ventures. While entrepreneurs build start-ups, corporate entrepreneurs transform their ideas into impactful initiatives that contribute to the continued success of their company, and develop a reputation for sought after leaders able to execute innovation at scale.

This is a group for all the Corporate Entrepreneurs out there; for anyone who has ever suggested entrepreneurial ideas or approaches that went "against-the-grain", feeling frustrated due to the lack of entrepreneurial culture and slow pace of work, and the “this is not the way we do things here” status quo.

We want to recognise, develop and nurture these exceptional individuals. We want to help organisations and corporate entrepreneurs alike to network, learn, foster innovation and share best practices by bringing together corporate entrepreneurs and industry influencers to drive innovation across all sectors.


Jamie and Davide

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Side Hustles: How To Launch A Business On The Side

Entrepreneurs often use their spare time to get validation for a business idea while they are employed full time. Let's learn more about it. REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/side-hustles-how-to-launch-a-business-on-the-side-tickets-66462859201 Side hustles are probably the most common entrepreneurial activity among employees in large organizations. Having a business idea while employed full time often results in a dilemma: should I quit now and pursue my idea full time? Or should I wait until I have more validation? But if I wait, will I have the resilience and the stamina to make it happen for real? How should I set things up from a legal, contractual point of view with my employer? Let's learn more from two "side hustlers" who succeeded and eventually took the plunge. AGENDA 18:00 welcome and drinks 18:30 - Side Hustles panel: let's learn from two case studies how to succeed with doing entrepreneurial activities on a side. Panel includes: - Jonathan Jayson launched The Comedy Crowd, an online platform where like minded creators and fans who together help develop new comedy projects while working full time. He decided to focus full time on his business idea after 9 years at EY - Ernest & Young. - Davide Turi is a "serial side-hustler". During the last 20 years he juggled between corporate jobs and launching two startups - one of them sold - publishing nine books, lecturing at universities and managing an independent record label. He has also started Studio Zao as a side hustle, now his full-time, and only, job. 19:30 - More Drinks and Networking

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