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3rd Blockchain Curation Markets: Presentations by Ocean Protocol and Weeve

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Hello attentive people!

This will be the third meetup of the curation market / TCR community of Berlin. We are super happy to announce that we have attracted two exciting speakers from great projects yet again.

We will host Sebastian Gajek who is CTO and Co-Founder at Weeve, a global network of IoT devices autonomously buying and selling their data, and Dimitri De Jonghe from Ocean Protocol, which is a decentralized data exchange to unlock data for AI. Both will share some cutting-edge thoughts on curation markets/ TCRs and how it relates to the work they currently do.

Here we share some information on both talks:

Dimitri De Jonghe from Ocean Protocol

At Ocean Protocol, we care about curation. Before singularity kicks in, networks are still run and governed by humans.
In this talk we'll explore:
* stake machines - a generic approach to curated govenance
* layered TCRs - a biology-inspired approach to TCRs
* fun with curation and crypto-economic building blocks.

reading material:

Sebastian Gajek from Weeve

Token-Curated Registries (TCRs) allow through crypto-economic incentives to curate high-quality lists. However, in many application a be-in-or-be out listing is insufficient. Graded token-curated concepts augment the concept with up-/downvoting an object. This way we obtain the cryptoeconomic dual of the ranking and reputation system. We showcase the practicability and versatility of (graded) TCRs in context of the weeve network which incentivizes high-quality marketplaces for IoT data and related tokenizable assets.

Bio: Sebastian is a professor for cryptography and co-founder of weeve. He is passionate about cryptoeconomics and new applications that arise when combining cryptography and game theory in order to design stable networks.