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We will step into the archetypical work for woman. We will journey through the four archetypes that are mostly determine our menstrual cycle. We will step into the mythic legends and energy of four very powerful female archetypes; represented by different
Goddess of all time. The four archetypes are: The Virgin, The Mother, The Sorceress and the Old Wise Women. You will represent one archetype to the group ( through dance,
poems or singing etc.) and call in her energy.It is a workshop where we travel through four Archetypes, call in their energy, bring stucked energy into balance and integrate the gifts they have for us. Archetypes are universal principles and sometimes they want to give us a message. If they are not heard by us or society, archetypes are going into the shadow and can cause chaos in our lifes. Through this work we will find out if an archetype is stucked on a personal or collective level and we will bring it back into harmony through ceremony.

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