DIVERSUS e.V.i.G. Founding Assembly

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On 19 May 2019 the time has finally come: We found DIVERSUS e.V. After 10 years of concept design, workshops, meetings, design thinking, prototyping, mockups, analyses, discussions, UX, UI…. the time is overdue.

It is a special honour for us to be able to perform this act in Garbicz. A few years ago we analysed the organisational structure and culture of the festival, which had a decisive influence on the conception of DIVERSUS. It was about the renunciation of pyramidal organigrams and submissive relations, towards a “spherical organization” (360°x360°), in which every point can be seen as the center, everything is above and below simultaneously, power structures are fluid and dialectical emergence unfolds its creative power.

Please bring warm clothes and food along. For logistical details please get in contact with the organiser.

From[masked] we will have the official founding assembly.