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Design Thinking & Tech: How to create new opportunities with Empathy & Tech

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Design Thinking and Tech push.
How Empathy and Technology may create new opportunities.

Motius is a tech-driven company specializing in IT projects. We explain why the Design Thinking method is nevertheless an important approach for our projects. We share some insights from past projects and how we want to further optimize the approach in our environment.

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Johannes Hussak, Project Owner / Motius
( )

Johannes has an important role in integrating the Design Thinking approach into the company. Many of his projects have DT context.

Daniel Blank, Team Lead / Motius
( )

Daniel works on several DT projects as team lead and coach. He also moderates workshops in small and medium companies and for Google.

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18:30: Socialising & Snacks

19:00 Talk #1: „Why you shouldn't ask your friends but your customers.“ Get better feedback from the right people.

19:15 Talk #2: „Getting the tech into Design Thinking“
How a company of techies uses Design Thinking in product / service development.

19:30 Talk #3: „Insights from Design Thinking Workshops in Dubai“
We share some impressions what happened in our Dubai office.

19:45: More socialising & Pizza

21:30: End

A big shoutout to our sponsor Motius GmbH for sponsoring this Meetup!



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We are looking forward to seeing you all
Gerhard, Steffi and Tae