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1 ) AI as a gamer changer for the automotive industry: AI applications @ BMW.
Speaker: Martin Appl & Bernhard Waltl

Artificial Intelligence opens up new opportunities for the entire automotive industry, therefore Artificial Intelligence has been identified as a game changer for BMW early on. In their keynote, Martin Appl and Bernhard Waltl from the BMW Group IT, want to examine together with you two topic fields in greater detail: natural language processing and computer vision.
Gain new insight into these areas and see how AI is applied at BMW, the use cases we are currently working on and discuss together with us which challenges we might face in the future.

2) Design Thinking and AI
Speaker: Ben O’Hear, Revelate Design

AI is shaping up to be a revolution similar to the advent of computing, the internet or mobile. Yet its capabilities are often misunderstood, both underestimated and overhyped. Based on his experience working on AI projects and teaching AI to non-technical people, Ben will help us put AI back in its right context and explore how this new technology affects our work as Design Thinking practitioners.

Ben is a UX Designer, Lean Startup coach and certified product owner with over 15 years experience designing digital products and mentoring corporate innovation programs and startups accelerators such as Google Launchpad.

3) (Human Centered) Design Methods & Tools in the age of AI
Speaker: Jennifer Heier

Which role do and can we - as ‘designers’ - play in the development of AI-agents? What aspects are missing? How do we have to change our approaches? Do we have to change our approaches at all? In this short presentation I’ll try to show concrete examples and answer a few of these questions, as well as giving you an idea about the ongoing discourse in the community and an outlook on things to come.

Jennifer Heier is Head of UX-driven AI at the data lab from Siemens Digital Industries. She has a background in Industrial Design, User Research and Design Thinking and is currently doing her Ph.D. at the Bauhaus University Weimar together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on Design Principles for AI.



(18:00: for early arrivals "UX Live Center" & "New Work Environment "tour)
18:30: Socialising & Snacks
19:00: 3 Talks
21:30: End

Für jeweils 15 Teilnehmer werden ab 18 Uhr folgende beiden Touren angeboten:

UX Live Center:
Das UX Live Center ist ein Workspace um Produktteams optimal bei der nutzerzentrierten Produktentwicklung (User Centered Design) in agilen Projekten zu unterstützen. Nehmt Teil an der Führung durch das UX Live Center und erhaltet Einblicke in die vier Phasen des User Centered Design Prozesses (Understand Users, Define User Need, Design & Prototype, Get User Feedback).

New Working Environment:
Wie wurde New Work bei der BMW Group IT räumlich umgesetzt? Nehmt Teil an einer Führung durch die Ende 2018 fertiggestellten Büro und Workshop Flächen der BMW Group IT. Hier werdet Ihr durch die neuen Arbeitsmodule und den sogenannten Collaboration sowie Innospace geführt und erhaltet Einblick wie die agile Arbeitsweise durch entsprechende Räumlichkeiten unterstützt wird.



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Gerhard, Steffi and Tae

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