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Boosting, Nudging and More: Decision-Making Special

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Dear all,

Welcome back to Data Science @ Regensburg! It's been a long wait but now it's time to get back and serve you the latest and the best ... in a Decision-Making Special edition. And what's new: we give you a bit of a warning so no need to rush as we will not be meeting until next year ...

This time we welcome two outstanding speakers, Philipp Lorenz-Spreen and David Elsweiler, who offer complementary views on online user behaviour. How exciting!

We will be meeting on campus again and hope for some great discussion (just like last time!)

And if you cannot wait, then here is some sample reading for you: Boosting people’s ability to detect microtargeted advertising. And here is another one: Featured Snippets and their Influence on Users' Credibility Judgements.

Looking forward to seeing you in the new year,


Philipp Lorenz-Spreen

Measuring and improving online decision making

Short Bio:
Philipp Lorenz-Spreen is a network scientist at the Center for Adaptive Rationality of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin. He is interested in how and why information spreads via social media, and more generally, in the impact of modern information systems on society and democracy. To study human behaviour in online environments on a micro and macro level, he analyses large data sets from social media and conducts laboratory as well as field experiments. His current research centers on the question of how online environments can be changed to translate into positive collective decisions. He is testing ways to extract meaningful cues for the quality of online information and make them more accessible. He completed his PhD on empirical methods and theory for describing the dynamics of collective attention on social media at the Technische Universität Berlin. At the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, he studied physics.

David Elsweiler

Biases in Information Behaviour: Making (better) online choices

Short Bio:
David Elsweiler is a senior lecturer at the Chair for Information Science at the University of Regensburg. His research interests revolve around information behaviour, i.e., how people find, manage and share information of all kinds. Utilising a variety empirical approaches, ranging from analyses of naturalistic log-data to laboratory studies to behavioural simulations, as well as qualitative approaches such as interviews and think-alouds provides multiple perspectives on diverse behaviours. His most recent work has focused on digital food choices and assessing the credibility of information sourced from the web. David completed an undergraduate degree and PhD. in Computer Science at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow before moving to Germany as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen. He has worked at the University of Regensburg since 2011 where he has since completed a habilitation project in the field of Information Science.


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