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Perhaps you are the only person in your group of friends without a girl/boyfriend? Maybe it bothers you to continuously "third wheel" when out with your friends and their partners? Or could it be that you are taking a break from swiping right and left on your mobile phone?

DearHunt is a group aimed at all Single men & women in and around the Zurich area interested in meeting new friends, partners, and companions. Whether you are a local, a newcomer, or a visitor to Zurich - the purpose of this group is to bring together like-minded individuals face-to-face, by meeting & mingling at monthly events; events include after-work drinks and shared-interest based activities.

DearHunt encourages its members to build and grow Zurich's singles community by attending events accompanied by another single of the opposite sex. This provides a larger probability of lasting connections for individuals with whom you share a purpose, goal, interest, or identity. Additionally, these face-to-face introductions, made by singles for singles, stimulate shared community-building.

Looking forward to meeting you!

ⓘ This Meetup platform is not a dating service or dating clinic. I do not claim to be a date coach, matchmaker or otherwise.

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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar

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