Cocol - a framework for blockchains written in Crystal

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Cocol is an open-source framework for building distributed ledgers in Crystal, with a clear aim for developer happiness and a quick and straightforward setup.
Interact via a dashboard and see how blocks move along the network until consensus is reached or write end-to-end test scenarios. It's built from ground up for a testable and visually driven development.

While for blockchains everything seems to be about decentralization, most projects come from an ivory tower with a top-down approach or are poorly documented while at the same time growing in complexity. Both scenarios limit contribution by newcomers and create a closed and small community.

Cocol wants to be built by, and grow with the community to cover its needs and lessen pain points when dealing with blockchain technology. To improve accessibility I chose Crystal as the programming language. "Crystal's ( ) syntax is heavily inspired by Ruby’s, so it feels natural to read and easy to write, and has the added benefit of a lower learning curve for experienced Ruby devs."

Join us for this meetup to learn more about Cocol.

There are some similar projects:

Parity Substrate wants to be "The foundation for blockchain innovators" and delivers a powerful tool written in Rust for creating custom blockchains. Substrate was born out of the experience the parity team gained while building clients for various blockchains, most famously ethereum.

Ethereum Hive is not a framework for creating blockchains, but what they call a "end-to-end test harness". It allows to create a test network and client implementations conform to some desired behavior when running in both multi-node network environments, as well as for scenarios where participant nodes perform live mining using the full ethash DAG.