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Deep Reading is like a book club except you don't have to read books. We do ALL the reading IN the workshop. No preparation, no homework. That's right: Deep Reading is for people who want to read but have no time to read.

Deep Reading is basically Slow Reading, the opposite of Speed Reading. It means getting the most out of whatever little bit you read. And we read very very little, and very very slowly.

We don't read just anything, of course. It's all about the classics and the great underdogs, about the real good stuff, the really really great literary works that you always wanted to know something about but feel too tired or dumb to even try. All you need to do is to be able to read and communicate.

To give you an idea what kind of books we read – or rather from what kind of books we take the very first page, rip it apart and put it back together – here’s a list of some of the literary works we’ve dug into in regular workshops and may well dig into again:

Ilse Aichinger, “Alte Liebe”

Thomas Bernhard, Korrektur

Jorge Luis Borges, “Die Lotterie in Babylon”

Georg Büchner, Lenz

Theodor Fontane, Effi Briest

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wall-paper”

E.T.A. Hoffmann, “Der goldne Topf”

Elfriede Jelinek, Die Klavierspielerin

Franz Kafka, “Ein Landarzt”

Jamaica Kincaid, “Girl”

Heinrich von Kleist, “Die Marquise von O….”

Ben Marcus, Notable American Women

Toni Morrison, Beloved

Edgar Allan Poe, “The Black Cat”

Adalbert Stifter, “Der Hochwald”

Ror Wolf, “Alles andere später”

Alfred Lord Tennyson, “The Kraken”

A Deep Reading Meetup can be a guided tour through a selected work of literature (that's the regular workshop), the same but including a writing exercise (that's for writers who'd like to learn from the masters), or utter chaos. You decide. It doesn't have to be books, by the way: We've done a lyrics deep reading; one day I'd like to do a film deep reading too.

Ob ein Meetup in Englisch oder in Deutsch stattfindet, hängt davon ab, wer so kommt. Beides ist möglich, auch Mischformen, also englische Literatur und deutsche Diskussion oder umgekehrt.

(More stuff on deep reading (experiences of workshops participants, some further reading) can be found on my website 14 Asterion Road (http://www.duszat.de/), which is mostly in German.)

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