DevOps Munich (October 2015)

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Please join us for our next meetup.

The location is being provided by the PAYBACK GmbH. Thanks!


• Scaling the PAYBACK platform for the US: - what we did and how we did - continuous performance, automation, hardware, architecture and lessons learned - Thomas Falkenberg (

• Software Performance in DevOps: Performance Models to the Rescue? - Andreas Brunnert (

Lightning Talks

• Rudder ( - How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Reporting. - Florian Heigl (

• 'TLS, motherf***ker, do you speak it (' - Franz Pletz (


• 2 talks (20-50 min + some time for discussion)
• Lightning talks (5-10 min) are welcome
• Plenty of food, drinks, and time for networking