• DevOps is neither the Answer nor the Question!

    MaibornWolff GmbH

    Important: The talk will be in German this time. DevOps: Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg? Eine knappe Dekade ist das Buzzword alt. In dieser Zeit ist das unscharfe Buzzword zu einem handfesten Thema geworden, das in etlichen Unternehmen sehr ernsthaft diskutiert wird und viel Sinn stiftet. Denn DevOps ist viel mehr als eine Gruppentherapie für frustrierte ITler mit neuen fancy Tools! Es betrifft mindestens den kompletten Arbeitsalltag. Ein Kultur-Refactoring, das es in sich hat und in besonders großen Projekten besonders große technische und organisatorische Herausforderungen mit sich bringt. An welchen Stellen bei der Einführung von DevOps-Methoden kann es zu Problemen kommen? Was sind die technischen Symptome? Bei welchen Problemen liegt die Ursache dagegen gar nicht in der Technik? Wie kann man sich der Problemlösung annähern? Dieser Vortrag bietet keine DevOps-Einführung, sondern geht dorthin, wo es beim Einsatz in großen Projekten, lange nach der vermeintlichen Einführung, weh tut. Wir identifizieren potentielle Ursachen und diskutieren mögliche Auswege. ## Links https://talks.arbe.io (Slides) https://feedback.arbe.io (Feedback) https://twitter.com/arnisoph (Twitter) ## Vorkenntnisse Existierende praktische Erfahrung in der (agilen) Entwicklung und im Betrieb von skalierenden bzw. hochverfügbaren Anwendungen helfen beim Verständnis der vorgetragenen Herausforderungen. ## Lernziele Behandelt werden untechnische weiche Faktoren, die zu Misserfolgen im Tagesgeschäft führen, trotz und vielleicht wegen des Einsatzes von DevOps-Methoden. ## Speaker Bio Arnold uses great technologies to move companies in Germany beyond #Neuland. As Senior Systems Engineer at inovex he's working on software-defined datacenter management, continuous integration/delivery, getting rid of the *legacy stuff* and is especially interested in system & software architecture. At the end of the day he loves to get outside with his MTB.

  • DevOps Meetup May 2019

    codecentric AG

    # Continuous Delivery like you know no fear Warning: This talk can make your own release process seem awfully slow and risky! Everybody does Continuous Integration - more or less, but I think a modern CD pipeline can fundamentally change the way we are collaborating while building Software. At Matmatch we're pushing the boundaries of what Continuous Delivery can be by leveraging Gitlab and Kubernetes: Every Branch gets deployed into its own environment - and the Product Manager or the Stakeholder can release every feature directly to production with the click of a button. We don't bundle releases anymore, every feature goes straight to production. Goodbye test systems, good riddance staging processes. Why did we, as a small startup, bother with pushing that system to its limits? To get faster feedback and to minimize risk! By releasing and failing faster than the rest, we are outpacing others when it comes to opportunities to learn. It's a joy to work that way and and we could never imagine going back. In this talk I will walk you through our pipeline, the hiccups we had along the way to build it and the benefits we get from having this pipeline in place. ## Speaker Bio Chris was a senior software consultant for a few years before he joined Matmatch as Head of Engineering, where he saw a huge variety of distributed systems and made a huge variety of mistakes that he can share now. He is especially interested in distributed systems, microservice architectures and always curious about how all these pieces fit together

  • DevOps Munich (February 2019)

    Holidu GmbH

    Please join us for our first meetup in 2019! The location and catering is being provided by Holidu GmbH (https://www.holidu.com/careers). Agenda 18:30 - Gathering, food, and networking 19:00 - Talk: What's new in Graylog 3.0 (Jochen Schalanda) 20:00 - Talk: Automatic setup of a bare-metal Kubernetes cluster with Typhoon, Istio, Kubeless and Kafka (Michael Schnupp.)

  • DevOps Munich (July 2018)

    Isar Valley @Google

    Please join us for our next meetup. The location is being provided by Google! Agenda * Clouduct (Victor Volle) When doing an MVP for a customer, we wanted to get started on AWS as quickly as possible. So we used AWS CodeStar, which generates the complete infrastructure for simple projects with Build Pipeline and all. But with CodeStar you only get a single environment. And if you want to use any additional service you need to go down the rabbit hole of chasing permissions, policies, and roles. And the error message don't help either. Clouduct is (will become) the tool we need. Creating the basic infrastructure and is - easy to extend - does not force me to start from scratch after going live - strikes a reasonable balance between speed of development and security concerns Currently it is still a work in progress, but it is based on hard won experience from many projects. It is open source and the development is done completely in the open. * "Experiences with a long-running big system migration" (Stefan Schwetschke) (working title, TBA) * SRE@Google (Florian Pfeiffer) An introduction about what, why, and how we do SRE Format • Talks: 20-50 min + some time for discussion • Snacks, drinks, and time for networking

  • DevOps Munich (April 2018)

    Virtual Identity AG

    Please join us for our next meetup. The location is being provided by Virtual Identity! Agenda • A/B testing at the edge (Peter Fröhlich) How some tinkering with Varnish can save you from using Optimizely • Screwing up for fun and profit (Oliver Hankeln) This talk will explore typical anti-patterns in dealing with failure and discuss the patterns that will help you stay on top of the problems and learn the most out of mistakes and failures. You will learn tools and techniques that help you avoid the blame game, keep communication between Devs and Ops and inside the teams flowing and help everyone to a common understanding of what happened why - and how to prevent this from happening again in the future. • Future of DevOps Munich We'll use the opportunity to talk about wishes for future topics, locations and in general what you can/should/want to expect from DevOps Munich. For preparation please also take the following survey: https://goo.gl/forms/PqGfSUD0aWsvKxrM2 Format • Talks: 20-50 min + some time for discussion • Snacks, drinks, and time for networking

  • DevOps Munich (May 2017)

    IBM Watson IoT Tower

    Please join us for our next meetup. Currently we have the following talks lined up: 1) Speed up your shipments of Docker Containers with GitLab/CI (Niclas Mietz) Build, Ship and Run your Docker container from source to production with your own build pipelines. In the era of clouds and dynamic infrastructures our integration and deployment pipelines for containers needs to be build-up fast and easy as well at your on premise setup. This talk will present you concepts for integration and deployment of containers with the GitLab/CI tool. Create your own GitLab runners for the different uses cases to create software and learn some best practices to build good Docker images. Discuss a simple setup of your own CI/CD infrastructure in less than 10 minutes and getting started with your container pipelines. Niclas is DevOps Engineer at the bee42 solutions and studies computer science at FH Dortmund. Next to his job he likes to work with Open-Source projects with container touch and new technologies in the container ecosystem. Besides supporting and visiting local meetups he is organizing the Docker Bochum MeetUp. 2) Package & Configuration Management have failed (Franz Pletz) The reason why Docker exists and gained tremendous popularity in the last few years is due to the fact that both configuration and package management have failed. The common techniques to deploy software are overly complex and not interoperable even between derived distributions. Docker is just one solution but there are other innovative ideas that are slowly gaining traction and deserve to be mentioned. In his opinionated talk Franz outlines what went wrong in the last 10 years in the world of configuration and package management, why Docker can be awesome, how most people are failing to use Docker correctly and his view on the next few years of software deployment automation. Discussion is not only welcome but necessary! ---- Lightning Talk: 3) Borg Backup (Christian Neukirchen / Tristan Helmich) (Details will follow)

  • DevOps Munich (March 2017)

    Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, Geschäftsstelle München

    Please join us for our next meetup. The location is being provided by Microsoft! Talks • Microsoft's journey on Agile transformation (Ewald Hofmann) Microsoft's Developer Division, responsible for building massive software projects such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, and Team Foundation Server, has been on a multi-year journey to transform itself from a waterfallian box product into an agile online service and regular client updates. In this session, we review the process and practices used by this division to deliver faster, react to feedback, plan and learn, stay connected to customers, continually improve quality, and measure success. We discuss the organizational issues experienced during the transformation and give examples of key practices and metrics used to improve the organization sprint over sprint. Hear about lessons learned in moving from a traditional software delivery team to a modern DevOps team. • DevOps jenseits der Tools (Johann-Peter Hartmann) Seit 2009 ist DevOps Dauerthema auf IT-Konferenzen und bei Beratungsfirmen und in Inflight-Magazinen angekommen. Doch während sich die Tools hoher Popularität erfreuen und zum Quasistandard in vielen Unternehmen wurden blieben Firmenkultur und Organisationsthemen oft aus der Strecke. Braucht man die denn überhaupt noch? Und wenn ja, was muss man dafür machen? Format • Talks: 20-50 min + some time for discussion • Snacks, drinks, and time for networking

  • DevOps Munich (June 2016)


    Please join us for our next meetup. The location is being provided by Google Talks • Google SRE: Site Reliability Engineering Short Talks • Application Security Monitoring Lightning Talks (We would really love to see some more) • DevOps "No Stuff just Fluff": "Immunity to Change" • ... Format • Talks: 20-50 min + some time for discussion • Short Talks: 15-20 min • Lightning Talks: 5-10 min • Snacks, drinks, and time for networking

  • DevOps Munich (March 2016)

    gutefrage.net GmbH

    Please join us for our next meetup. The location is being provided by Gutefrage.net. RSVP is now open! :) Talks • DDOS - Florian is going to talk about DDOS in general, what they are faced with at gutefrage.net and what they used in the past and are using now to mitigate them. Lightning Talks • RantSlam - Rant about your favourite enemy technology! Please prepare a short 2 minute rant. • Fishbowl discussion about what's the best chat tool: IRC, Jabber, Slack, Hipchat, Mattermost, … Format • Talks: 20-50 min + some time for discussion • Lightning Talks: 2-5 min • Plenty of food, drinks, and time for networking

  • DevOps Munich (December 2015)

    ConSol Software GmbH

    Please join us for our next meetup. The location is being provided by ConSol*. RSVP is now open :) Talks • Ansible vs Puppet: Shoot! - Victor Volle (https://www.meetup.com/DevOpsMunich/members/138650392/) • tbd - Contact us if you have an idea/proposal Lightning Talks • Let’s Encrypt, top or flop? - Tristan Helmich (https://www.meetup.com/DevOpsMunich/members/15979501/) • tbd - Contact us if you have an idea/proposal Format • 2 talks (20-50 min + some time for discussion) • Lightning talks (5-10 min) are welcome • Plenty of food, drinks, and time for networking