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MindfulSunday with Reka & Dhyanse in Zürich
Let Reka & Dhyanse guide you into authentic yogic experiences of body, mind and more. Reka begins with 60 minutes of yoga asana sequence to prepare your body and mind. Dhyanse takes you further into deep relaxation, introspection and inner journey with theme introduction (15 min), guided meditation / silent sitting (30 min) and Q&A (15 min). Yoga: The yoga sequence is an ashtanga inspired vinyasa flow with intense breathing and a playful immersion into a wide range of asanas. Meditation: Meditation themes include: Breath, Silence, Love, Laughter, Death, Witnessing, Concentration, Self-enquiry, Monkey mind and more... Payment: On the spot 40 CHF for 120 minutes yoga & meditation Location: K3: Rüdigerstrasse 17, 8045 Zürich Frequency: We will repeat this journey together once a month, stay tuned for the next event. Drop-in sessions with a unique theme every time to experience the essence of Yoga and Meditation. Let your Yin and Yan go on a ride with Reka & Dhyanse!

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    Take a seat and meditate with Dhyanse! He conducts drop-in meditation sessions, workshops and retreats on regular basis in Zürich.

    Dhyanse is the founder of Meditation Easy App, author of the book ’10 Bulls of Meditation’ and has 10000+ hours of silent meditation experience.

    In his contemporary approach to mindfulness & meditation, he offers yogic tools, meditation techniques and transformative lifestyle designs to integrate silence, bliss and live an expanded consciousness in daily life. He brings the core essence of ancient Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra, Zen into his approach, without following any particular belief system.

    For more info:
    Email: hello@dhyanse.com

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