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This is a group for django developers located in Switzerland to learn from each other and have a good time.

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Meetup in Bern: «DjangoCon Europe summary» «Django @4teamwork» «⚡-Talks»

This is the 9th Meetup of the Django User Group Switzerland. 18:30 Doors are open 19:00 django@4teamwork Bernhard Bühlmann, 4teamwork Bernhard talks about how Django is used at 4teamwork in different projects and products. He also gives a short summary about the DjangoCon Europe 2019 in Copenhagen. 19:20 Django in the Middle: Stories about an application between multiple APIs Sebastian Manger, 4teamwork More talks will be announced at a later time. There will also be Lightning Talks (5 Min. talks). Please submit your topic here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfCPSXx27MURnSA8cznM55BBjVxxIweEOOjsM0eOogHVqr7Gw/viewform We have space for 6-8 talks. First come - first served! Lightning Talk #1 ================ Realtime Django - Use Channels for Websockets Lorenz Padberg "The problems we want to solve with webapps today require a lot more than they did in the early days of django. By using Channels and Websockets we could create Streams from the backend to the frontend... Going beyond the usual request response cycle and create "realtime" experiences. In this quick talk I give you teaser of what could be done by real world examples." Lorenz Padberg is a developer at Iterativ where we develop Django Webapps for a wide range of clients, from education to Industrial monitoring tools... ====== Food and drinks offered by 4teamwork.

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