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Docker Cologne (Pirate Week Special)

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Im Mediapark 5 · Köln

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Ring the bell at Startplatz, come up to the 3rd floor, the reception desk will tell you where we are.

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We're back with another Docker Meetup after the "Sommerloch". This time during the "Pirate Week" of Cologne, on the day before the legendary Pirate Summit ( starts.

Our first confirmed speakers are Matthias Luebken and Dennis Benkert, who are giving a talk about "Patterns in a Containerized World" (Bios and Abstract below).

We are currently looking for a second talk and discussing with some speakers. If you have an idea for a talk that you or someone you know would like to give, I'd like to extend to all of you a Call for Proposals. Just send me a message (here or mail to puja (at) with a short Title, Abstract, and Bio.


Patterns in a Containerized World

Structuring and developing applications in a containerized world involves new challenges. Some old best practices need to be adapted and new patterns evolve. In this talk we will give an overview of typical patterns that we have seen in developing, deploying and operating applications that leverage containers. Some of these are: immutable deployment artefacts, config via arguments, general purpose sidekicks, special sidekicks for logging and metrics, ambassador for service discovery or other networking related things, like load-balancing and circuit breaking. As containers are a fairly new concept for general purpose application development, we see this list far from complete. This talk can be seen as a starting point for a general discussion about best practices and resulting patterns.


Dennis Benkert:

Dennis automates all the things. Raised in the PHP and Symfony community he lately loves deep diving in the Docker, CoreOS and orchestration world, making everything containerized.

Matthias Lübken:

Matthias is the product guy (tm) at Giant Swarm. He has long time experience with different aspects in product and software development. Currently he herds different flocks of cats. He especially wonders where the containerisation of the world leads us and what the implications for applications developers are.