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A cross-language user group for web developers in the Utrecht area. Come talk about coding in any language or framework with other awesome people. With many thanks to our awesome sponsors (https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/DomCode/sponsors)!

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Monthly Meetup - August 2019


Pick up phone. Dial number. "Hello, Operator? Get my Kubernetes cluster on the line! That's right, the new one, the managed one, the one that makes it easy to manage, see? Yes, Kubernetes Operators, that's the one I want! Yes, I'll hold. What's that? Ádám Sándor is there to take my call and answer all my questions? He's a smart chap, yes he'll do nicely! And what's that? The whole thing is hosted by those wonderful folks at Frontmen? Well, of course, they'll throw in food and drinks, they're lovely like that. Yes, yes, I'll see you then. Thanks Operator, you've been a great help! Good bye!" *click* End call. Schedule 19:00 - Doors open with food & drinks 19:30 - Welcome 19:35 - Talk: Kubernetes Operators - The Next Frontier in Application Automation 20:25 - Raffle & News 20:30 - Social! Talk: Kubernetes Operators - the next frontier in application automation Terraform, Cloud Formation and similar tools are great for provisioning new infrastructure. Kubernetes provides the next step by continuously monitoring the resources it creates and making sure they are working correctly. However standard Kubernetes resources like Deployment and StatefulSet only get you as far. Many application require special treatment during their lifecycle, which most of the time is still left to human operators. Kubernetes Operators offer a new way to fully automate management of any application. I will explain what are Operators, and show how to create one. Live demo included! Speaker: Ádám Sándor (@adamsand0r) After long years of building software and throwing it over the wall, I happily dived into Cloud Native to break that wall down for good. Now I'm spreading the word about Kubernetes, Continuous Delivery and Docker to all who are willing to listen. I mainly do this in my job as a Cloud Native Consultant at Container Solutions.

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Monthly Meetup - July 2019

Sybrand's Place

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